My Top 5 Dog Friendly Wedding Venues Near Worcester


Embarking on the journey of getting married to your other half is a magical moment. What better way to enhance the celebrations than by having your loyal canine companion there as part of your special day? In this blog, we are diving into my top 5 dog friendly wedding venues near Worcester. 

As a wedding photographer in Worcestershire, I have had the pleasure of witnessing countless couples get married surrounded by their loved ones, including their four-legged friends. For many couples, their pets are cherished members of the family. So including them in the celebration just feels natural.

Opting for a pet friendly wedding venue ensures that every member of the family can be present for the day. It also adds an extra layer of joy and warmth to the occasion. 

Dog-Friendly Wedding Venues Near Worcester

Stanbrook Abbey Hotel

In recent years, the inclusion of our four-legged companions in wedding celebrations has grown from a charming idea to a beloved trend amongst couples.

Stanbrook Abbey Hotel, nestled in the heart of Worcestershire, embraces this trend wholeheartedly. Its sprawling dog friendly grounds and majestic halls provide the perfect backdrop for couples wishing to involve their pets in their special day.

I recently photographed a wedding at Stanbrook Abbey at which the groom surprised the bride by bringing their border collie, Wallace, to the venue following their ceremony. The moment the bride saw Wallace, her face lit up with pure joy, tears glistening in her eyes.

We got some great photographs of Wallace having a whale of a time. He was clearly overjoyed to see his Mum too! The staff at Stanbrook Abbey made sure he was comfortable and that he received lots of cuddles while he waited for his big reveal moment.

This dog friendly wedding venue truly understands the essence of a dog-friendly wedding, ensuring that these moments are included in the couple’s big day and images.

Hopton Court

Hopton Court, situated in the idyllic Shropshire countryside, perfectly represents the essence of a dog friendly wedding venue. With its expansive lawns and outdoor ceremony spaces, it offers a picturesque setting where your four-legged friends can be an integral part of your wedding day.

I had the privilege of capturing a wedding at Hopton Court where the ceremony unfolded amidst its natural beauty, followed by a tipi reception back at their home. The highlight, undoubtedly, was the couple’s two little Jack Russel Terriers. They not only graced the aisle as guests of honour but also took on the prestigious role of ring bearers.

The Orangery offers a haven bathed in natural light, perfect for those looking for a sheltered yet stunning setting. It’s the perfect space for an outdoor ceremony, with the stunning Hopton Court forming a picturesque backdrop.

At Hopton Court, you can even go one further and bring your horse along! What’s more amazing than getting some incredible images with your horse against the backdrop of this stunning Georgian Manor?

There’s plenty of space to pull up your trailer or lorry away from the hustle of the wedding guests. We can make sure everything is as calm as possible. It helps having photographers who are used to working with horses here, as we are, given horses’ potential temperaments in an unknown environment.

The dedication to creating a pet friendly atmosphere is evident at this venue, allowing couples to design a day that truly reflects their love and includes all members of their family – paws, hooves and all!

Brockencote Hall

Brockencote Hall is more than just a dog friendly wedding venue. It’s where your fairy-tale wedding unfolds against Victorian style architecture and the Worcestershire countryside.

This is a beautifully refurbished mansion with a scenic lake and the gorgeous Dovecote. It promises a stunning backdrop for your wedding, especially when your dog is part of the celebration. I photographed a beautfiful vintage wedding here where the couple’s Yorkshire terrier played a pivotal role.

Dressed in a tiny tuxedo, he waited eagerly at the front of the aisle. The moment he spotted the bride, he got so excited, mirroring the joy of all present. He even took pride of place and posed for photos whilst they signed the register at the end of their ceremony.

Brockencote Hall doesn’t just welcome dogs; it cherishes the unique touch they bring to your special day. The expansive gardens and the sun-kissed back terrace provide space for your four-legged guests to enjoy.

With Brockencote Hall’s commitment to personalisation and attention to detail, every element of your wedding, from the gastronomic delights by their Head Chef to the seamless inclusion of your furry friends, is tailored to reflect your story.

Wootton Park

Wootton Park is nestled in the heart of Warwickshire’s enchanting countryside. It’s an exclusive use barn wedding venue with a magical touch that is perfect for those dreaming of a dog friendly wedding.

With 360 acres of rolling farmland, woodland, and beautifully landscaped grounds, Wootton Park welcomes every member of your family, including those with paws. 

The venue’s ability to host both grand celebrations and more intimate gatherings makes it an idyllic choice for couples. Whether you wish for an indoor ceremony or prefer to exchange vows by the lakeside area, Wootton Park caters to your every desire. 

I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding here on a particularly warm day, where Ralph, a charming French Bulldog, stole the show. Throughout the day, Ralph was a joy to be around and photograph. We were in the middle of a heatwave so we needed to make sure he was OK. The venue went above and beyond to ensure he remained cool and comfortable throughout the celebrations.

Marquee and Tipi Options 

Opting for a marquee or tipi celebration can add style and intimacy to your wedding day. These versatile structures are not just about aesthetics. They are about creating an environment that feels personal and boundless, set against the beautiful backdrop of the outdoors. This means your pets can easily run around and join the festivities too!

One of the standout benefits of choosing a marquee or tipi is the flexibility and customisation they offer. Unlike traditional venues, tipis and marquees allow you to style exactly how you want to right down to the walls and floors. So, if you’re struggling to find a dog friendly wedding venue that you love, this could be the option for you.

This couple transformed their home farm into a magical reception venue, complete with a charming tipi nestled in one of their fields.

As I documented the celebration, two adorable little dogs stole the show. They enjoyed greeting guests and eagerly posed for the camera. Their energy and enthusiasm added an extra layer of warmth to the festivities.

In another beautiful celebration, this couple exchanged vows in church before moving on to a tipi reception. Their dogs joined them at the church to be guests of honour. One was a ring bearer and trotted down the aisle carrying a basket, it was the cutest thing!

Include Them in Your Engagement Session

Sometimes your dog can’t be part of your wedding day festivities due to venue restrictions or logistics. There’s still a wonderful way to include them in the celebration: bring them along to your engagement session!

I offer engagement sessions that welcome four-legged family members with open arms. Dogs, horses, even sheep. You name it, it’s probably feautured in a family and/or engagement session at some point!

I love these sessions with couples. We explore dog friendly settings like woodlands, nature reserves, fields and parks. It’s the perfect time to capture heartwarming moments that reflect the bond between you, your partner, and your pet.

Ready to Create Your Ideal Wedding Day?

Now you know my top 5 dog friendly wedding venues near Worcester, as well as some alternative ideas for involving your furry friends in your celebration you can go away and plan your dream wedding vision with ease!

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