Stunning Engagement Shoots on the Malvern Hills


Isn’t life complicated?

We spend our time working, running errands, working, cleaning, cooking…working! Or so it seems, right? And we forget to appreciate all the wonderful little things we have. I’m certainly guilty of this, being something of a workaholic! Although that old saying isn’t wrong…”If you love your job, you’ll never work another day in your life”.

And I do…but I have realised lately that I have been getting a little too wrapped up in the technicalities of my work. Striving to create “perfect images”. Kicking myself when I don’t get the lighting setup exactly right. Beating myself up when my composition isn’t spot on.

And then I thought….let’s go back to the basics. I began my journey to becoming the photographer I am today with practically no experience, no technical knowledge whatsoever; just a love of taking photographs! I didn’t scour the internet comparing myself to others, putting myself down when something didn’t go quite as I planned it. I just took pictures. So when I packed my bag to spend the day in the Malvern Hills with a few of my couples for their engagement  photo shoots, I stripped my kit right back to the bare minimum. No flash, no reflectors, no filters.

The Malvern Hills is such a gorgeous place to take photographs. I’ve done several engagement sessions up there now over the years and it’s always one of my favourites. Yes, it’s a bit of a walk to the top and yes, it can be cold, and windy. But when the weather is right and you manage to catch sunset light, it’s simply beautiful.

Being up there really brings you back to nature and allows you to slow down, appreciate what’s around you and just enjoy the moments.

So, just one camera, my trusty 50mm f/1.2 and my 16-35mm f/4. Minimal kit for maximum fun! Plus let’s face it, who wants to red up to the top of the Malverns with a bag full of heavy camera equipment?!

And what a fantastic time we had! It’s easy to forget, with so much technical info running around my brain and so much heavy kit to lug around, to just have fun with my photography and with my couples. Remind myself why I fell in love with what I do.

Here are a few of the results…