How Outdoor Family Photography Sessions are Great for Impatient Children


Join me as I tell you how outdoor family photography sessions are great for impatient children. Learn why embracing nature’s canvas is the perfect remedy for restless spirits, resulting in timeless images that truly reflect the essence of your family bond.

As a family photographer based in Worcestershire, I witness firsthand how the great outdoors can transform a potentially challenging family photo session into a delightful adventure, capturing genuine moments of joy and spontaneity.

5 Benefits of Outdoor Family Photography

The Limitations of Studio Sessions

Whilst studio photography offers complete control over lighting and backdrops, it can pose certain challenges when working with children.

In the somewhat formal environment of a studio, little ones often find themselves feeling uneasy or unsettled. It’s a change from their usual play areas and they can feel restricted. Add to this, the time constraints of studio bookings, where sessions are often squeezed into tight schedules. This can lead to hurried shoots, a palpable tension in the air and potentially stressful situations.

It’s fair to say that these circumstances are not the most ideal for capturing those relaxed, natural family moments. This is why outdoor family photography is the best choice!

The Benefits of an Outdoor Setting

Choosing to have an outdoor family photography session introduces a world of advantages. 

The open expanse of the great outdoors naturally gives children more room to roam and be themselves. There is no confinement to a specific area, and this freedom allows for authentic and candid shots that beautifully capture their lively spirits.

Additionally, the environment plays a pivotal role in the outcome of your photos. The outdoors presents you with a diverse range of vibrant, ever-changing backdrops. Imagine your family framed against a riot of autumnal hues, or bathed in the soft glow of a summer sunset – these captivating scenes can add depth and dynamism to your photos that are challenging to emulate within the confines of a studio.

And let’s not forget, the outdoors is a treasure trove of unique props and elements that can elevate your images. From a rustic wooden bench to a blooming flower bush, these elements can be used to add a touch of creativity to your photos.

The Power of Distraction in Photography

If you have ever tried to capture the perfect photo of your little one, you will know that the most enchanting shots often happen when they are completely engrossed in what they are doing.

This is where the power of distraction comes into play in photography. Outdoor settings are teeming with opportunities for children to immerse themselves in fascinating distractions. Be it a colourful butterfly flitting by, a furry squirrel climbing up a tree, or simply the freedom of running around in an open space.

The beauty of these moments lies in their authenticity. A child captivated by the world around them creates natural, candid shots that beautifully capture their curiosity and vivacity.

Also, these distractions provide wonderful narratives for your photographs. The sight of your child chasing a butterfly or marvelling at a ladybird on their finger can transform a standard portrait into a story-telling image, bringing to life their sense of wonder and joy.

So, let the outdoor world become your little one’s playground and watch as they get lost in its myriad attractions. Not only will this help to keep your child entertained and engaged during the outdoor family photography session, but it will also allow us to capture those precious, unscripted moments that are often the most cherished.

After all, isn’t that what family photography is all about?

Outdoor Locations with Play Areas

Imagine a child’s sheer delight when they realise that their outdoor family photography location is not a sterile studio, but a playground filled with swings, slides, and see-saws. 

Locations such as these provide a fantastic backdrop for family photoshoots. Not only does it set a more relaxed and fun atmosphere, but it also enables the children to show their genuine, carefree selves.

As an outdoor family photographer, I can assure you that incorporating a play area into your outdoor photoshoot can lead to some truly priceless moments. Perhaps it’s the twinkling mischief in a child’s eyes as they scale a climbing frame, the tender moment between siblings on a swing set, or the sheer joy of a family laughing together on a picnic blanket.

These are the candid instances that breathe life into your family photographs. They’ll be transformed from posed portraits into precious keepsakes brimming with personality and emotion.

And it’s not just about playgrounds. A sandy beach with its inviting waves, a nature trail buzzing with the excitement of a potential adventure, or even a simple garden with a trampoline or paddling pool. These are all fantastic outdoor settings. They offer the children something to interact with, keeping them entertained and providing an abundance of opportunities for spontaneous and expressive photos.

Let’s also remember the familiarity factor. Children are usually more comfortable and confident in places they recognise or relate to fun and play. A park they often visit can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort. This will help them to relax and be themselves during the photography session.

The Freedom of Time in Outdoor Family Photography

The broader time frame with outdoor photography enables your family to relax and enjoy the experience at a leisurely pace. Need a rest or perhaps a game of tag? No problem. Want to wait for that perfect cloud to pass or the sun to dip just right? Go right ahead.

The lack of time restrictions transforms the outdoor family photography session from a timed task into a delightful family outing. This relaxed atmosphere often translates into photographs, resulting in more natural and authentic images.

Ready for Natural Family Photos?

You now know why outdoor family photography sessions are great for impatient children. These reasons are exactly why I offer my sessions in the great outdoors, so families can truly express themselves and feel as comfortable as possible.

If you’d love a family photography session near you, then get in touch with me and let’s have a chat!

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