Five Fun Ideas for your Wootton Park Wedding Day


Wootton Park is truly a fantastic wedding venue. An exclusive use family-run venue in a beautiful setting, it’s located in its own 360 acre valley of rolling Warwickshire countryside. As a venue recommended photographer, every wedding I’ve photographed there has been amazing! From my experience, I want to share five fun ideas for your Wootton Park wedding day that you may not have thought of.

Five Fun Ideas for your Wootton Park Wedding Day

Book Singing Waiters

Singing waiters are one of my favourite wedding breakfast entertainment ideas. No, scratch that. They’re absolutely my favourite! If you want to guarantee you and your guests the BEST time, then this is the way to go.

They’ll stealthily act as venue staff throughout the day until, usually as your meal is finishing up, they’ll stage a dramatic start to their show. Sometime dropping a tray of cutlery, sometimes having an argument in the mdidle of the room. Your guests will be confused initially, but it’ll quickly turn into laughter and the most fun half an hour!

They’ll have you swinging napkins, dancing, singing along and maybe even conga lining around Wootton Park! They key here is to really embrace the silliness and have fun!

Enjoy an Estate Tour

Wootton Park also offer an estate tour in their own off road vehicle. This gives you the wonderful opportunity to see the venue from afar as well as learn more about it’s history, grounds and wildlife.

It’s easy to get swept up in your wedding day and before you know it, the evening arrives and it’s all gone far too fast. This is a great way for you to spend time together as a couple away from the hustle and guests. Take some time just for the two of you.

If you’d like your photographer to come along, we can get some amazing photographs too! Given that Wootton Park boasts 360 acres of land, these photos wouldn’t be possible without the estate tour.

Go Rowing on the Lake

The lakeside ceremony is simply beautiful. But did you know you can actualyl get out on the lake afterwards, if you’d like to? For any fun loving and slightly daring couples, you can spend some time rowing around the little lake – just make sure you don’t fall in! I’m joking – that’s never happened I promise – well, not on my watch anyway!

I love capturing memories of couples having fun just the two of them on their wedding day. Embrace your inner child, be a little silly and make teh most amazing memories. You may even get a visit from the venue’s resident swans while you’re out there.

Get Colourful with Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. You can get some super fun photographs on your wedding day filled with colour. You can give them to your guests, involve your wedding party or keep them all to yourself!

My favourite images, like this one, are ones taken against bright blue skies.

Just make sure they’re used safely (I’m well practised and can advise on this) and that children are supervised at all times.

Bring Your Pets

Woototn Park is, happily, a pet friendly venue. I’ve photographed many a wedding day there where teh couple’s dog has been guest of honour. They’re part of your family too, so it’s great to get them involved in your celebrations.

What’s more, as Wootton Park is so dog friendly, you don’t have to restrict them to just the drinks reception – they can get ready with you, be a part of the ceremony and join you for photographs!

Are You Getting Married at Wootton Park?

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