Why you Should Bring your Pets to your Family Photo Session



Should you bring your pets to your family photo session? Our pets are no doubt a huge part of our family. They’re there for us when we are down, they keep us company, make us laugh, listen to our worries (well, we tell ourselves they do anyway) and we couldn’t imagine life without them. So when you book your family photo shoot, it’s natural to want to involve you pets!

As a huge animal lover I completely agree and I love the addition of pets during a family session. In fact, I often take bookings for sessions where the pet is the main model!

If you’ve got children too, pets act as a great distraction, especially at the beginning of the shoot, if they’re feeling a little apprehensive about being photographed. Works great for us adults too actually!

Never work with children or animals?? Nah!

They say never work with children or animals, and yes, granted, it can be a challenge sometimes! In the past, I’ve had cats sitting on my lap whilst I’m trying to take photos, I’ve been head butted by horses, catapulted off some rocks by an overenthusiastic spaniel!

As crazy as all that sounds, pets will be pets and it’s a lot of fun and something I always thoroughly enjoy. I have a gorgeous beagle named Jack, as well as four cats (yep, crazy cat lady right here!) I absolutely love animals and I love photographing them too.

Of course, if you’re travelling to a location for your photo session it may not be the most practical arrangement to bring along your hamster! I can think of 1001 things that could go wrong there…But if you’re having your shoot at home, it’s great to get everyone involved, even the smallest members of your family. They can even take centre stage for a few shots on their own too.

A few gorgeous dogs for you to enjoy…

Equestrian Photo Sessions

In case you don’t know, I’m also a professional equestrian photographer, so I’m hugely experienced at photographing horses, both at competitions and also during portrait sessions. Most people, if involving their horse, have the shoot at or near to their yard and make use of surrounding bridlepaths and fields, but if you’d prefer to travel elsewhere then there are lots of places to explore.

So, should you bring your pets to your family photo session? Yes – of course only if you’re 100% comfortable that they’ll enjoy it and be safe. Whatever you’re planning, if you’d love to bring your pets along, please know that I’m absolutely fine with that – in fact I more than welcome it. So what are you waiting for – let’s go make some memories!

For more information on booking me for your family shoot, please click here to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Dog & Horse Friendly Locations

Not all locations allow pets of course, so below are a few I have photographed at before which I know 100% welcome them. Some have bridleways for horse riding and equestrian shoots, and some state dogs must stay on leads, however others allow more freedom and I have stated below which ones these are. Please note if you allow your pet off the lead during your shoot this must only be done in areas where this is allowed and you take full responsibility for keeping them under control. You’ll be able to find more information on all of these places by searching their names online:

Arley Arboretum, Bewdley (dogs on leads)

Baggeridge Country Park (dogs on/off lead, horse riding trails)

Bodenham Arboretum (dogs on leads)

Clent Hills, Stourbridge (dogs and horses)

Croome Court, Worcester (dogs on leads)

Kinver Edge & Kingsford Forest Park, Wolverley (dogs on/off lead, horse riding trails)

Severn Valley Country Park, Alveley (dogs on/off leads, horse riding trails)

Malvern Hills, Great Malvern (dogs on/off leads, horse riding trails)

Witley Court, Droitwich (dogs on leads)

Wyre Forest, Bewdley (dogs on/off leads, horse riding trails)

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