The Benefits of Printed Family Photographs for you and your Children


In an age dominated by digital images and social media galleries, the notion of printed family photographs might seem quaint, almost archaic. Yet, there’s an immeasurable value in these tangible memories, a sentiment echoed by Vince Cerf, Vice President of Google, who wisely noted, If there are photos you really care about, print them.” There are also scientifically proven benefits of printed family photographs for you and your children.

As a family photographer based in Worcestershire, I have created this blog as an exploration of why printed family photographs are the best thing for your family, serving not just as keepsakes but as vital components of our emotional well-being and family heritage.

Printed Family Photographs

The Emotional Power of Holding Memories in Your Hands

Printed family photographs offer a deeper connection to our memories compared to digital screens. When we hold a physical photo, we are compelled to pause, reflect and immerse ourselves in its story. Unlike digital screens, the tangible nature of printed photos creates an intimate link to our past.

Each photo becomes a cherished memory of our family, capturing both significant milestones and everyday moments. As we embrace technology, printed photos remind us of the importance of tactile experiences.

The Risk of Losing Digital Memories to Technology

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, our digital memories are increasingly vulnerable. The convenience of capturing photos with our smartphones and storing thousands of images on hard drives or cloud services has transformed the way we capture and share moments. 

However, the platforms we use to store our memories can be affected by technological advancements. Think about how often software updates happen, leaving older formats behind. Consider how hardware can become outdated and unable to work with new systems. This shows how uncertain digital storage can be. We have all felt the frustration of a crashed computer or a lost phone, losing precious memories in the process.

It’s not just about losing data; it’s about losing our personal stories. The happy times, the moments of growth and discovery that shape our family’s story. Digital photos might seem safe, locked away on screens, but they are vulnerable to changes in technology.

The Joy of Flipping Through a Family Photo Album

Sitting around the kitchen table, holding a family album, we are taken back in time.

Each page turn reveals memories that have shaped us, each photo a treasure. This tradition, often enjoyed with cups of tea and laughter, is more than just a hobby. It connects us to our past, linking generations before us and those yet to come.

As we look through the album, kids marvel at their family traits and listen to stories about their family. It’s an experience that digital screens can’t replicate, helping children feel connected to their family history. Feeling the pages adds to the storytelling, making each viewing more special.

These printed family photographs also bring the family together, as we reflect on our journey together. It’s in these moments that our family story becomes stronger, bonding us and reminding us of our shared identity.

Printed Photos as Anchors of Stability and Happiness for Children

In our homes, among the laughter and love, printed family photographs remind us of our connections and the lasting impact of our loved ones. These treasured pictures, whether they be printed photos on the wall or kept in albums, are more than just decorations. They give kids a sense of belonging and security, shaping their understanding of family.

There are several university studies proving that children whose parents display family photographs in the home grow up with greater confidence and sense of belonging. Printed pictures have a special ability to help kids feel grounded and connected. Each photo tells stories of love and togetherness, reassuring children that they are part of something bigger. By displaying and sharing these pictures, we give our kids a sense of belonging and a reminder of their place in the family.

Choosing printed photos helps give our children stability and joy, nurturing them as they grow surrounded by love and memories.

How to Make Printed Photos a Part of Your Family’s Life

Start by selecting moments that make you smile and enjoy the process of printing these memories. You can choose from traditional prints for framing or personalised photo books to create a narrative – something I offer as well as the photography session itself.

Encouraging your children to take part in selecting and arranging photos can foster a sense of belonging and pride in their family’s narrative, turning what could be seen as a chore into a fun activity.

Beyond just decorating spaces or filling albums, this practice is an invitation to embed these physical manifestations of your memories into daily life. Place them where they spark joy and provoke conversation – on the fridge, beside your bed, or even tucked into your diary or books as surprise reminders of happy times. 

Through these acts, printed family photographs become more than just images; they evolve into a living part of your family’s story.

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