A Snowy Winter Wedding in Ombersley


When the weather plays ball, winter weddings are always an absolute joy to photograph. The deep colours of the flowers and bridesmaids dresses, the misty atmosphere during the couple’s post-ceremony photo session, the festive decorations around the venue in December.

Add a heavy downpour of snow a few days earlier to the mix and, waheyyy! Photographer’s dream 😀

This is exactly what I was faced with for Paul and Felicity’s wedding on New Year’s Eve. This wedding was my first to offer the combined photo and video package so I was working with the very talented Aaron whose job it was to create some video magic.

The couple had planned an intimate ceremony at St Andrews Church in the village of Ombersley where the bride grew up, with the plan to hold their reception at a later date when restrictions are lifted to allow larger guest numbers. Even though it was a very small wedding, they managed to pack so much in and we were out with the cameras until it was too dark for the lenses to focus anymore and we were starting to develop frostbite on our fingers!

After a relaxed hour spent capturing Felicity getting ready at home, Aaron and I travelled over to the church in the heart of the village. It looked absolutely beautiful in the snow, with the low winter sunlight shining through the trees. As their ceremony wasn’t until 3pm the light was already very low and soft when we arrived, and I knew we would get some gorgeous images if we managed to stay on time and beat the sunset once out of the church.

As the couldn’t have everybody that’s originally planned for at their ceremony, the couple had set up a large monitor in the church and live streamed their ceremony via Zoom – a lovely touch, especially at the end when a few of the virtual guests delivered some surprise messages for them.

Once outside, although pushed for daylight time, we managed to capture some lovely moments in the snow with the bride and groom, including an impromptu snowball fight in the adjoining field next to the church! By this time, we were working by the light of Aaron’s LED bulbs and I’m sure all of the village residents thought we were mad – or maybe that was due to me lying on my back in the snow to “get the right angle” and Aaron parking himself horizontally in the road (sale reasons)! What we won’t do for a good shot haha.

So here it is, my final wedding of 2020. What an amazing one to finish the year on…