A Gorgeous Summer Evening Engagement Shoot


One of my favourite times to shoot in the summer time is as the sun is going down.

The light is beautifully hazy, the sun casts long lazy shadows on the ground and gently kisses the faces of the people I am working with. Everything just takes on this wonderful happy glow. Sometimes, it’s obvious (think hazy light, shooting into the sun, silhouettes and sun flares) and other times you can’t even really see it in the images, but the atmosphere during the shoot is unbeatable.

Gemma and Lewis are getting married next July and booked me a few weeks ago to cover their big day. Did you ever meet someone for the first time and think, wow, I feel like I’ve known this person for ages?! Well, this is how I felt when I first chatted to Gemma on the phone, with Lewis chiming in from time to time in the background! It felt like chatting to old friends and I knew I was going to have a lot of fun working with them in the run up to their wedding day next year.

So, off we went to Doverdale for an engagement shoot with the bride and groom-to-be, 2 bouncy dogs and the cutest little kitten! So the kitten didn’t make the trip out for the actual shoot, but I very much enjoyed having a little cuddle with her on the driveway afterwards.

Everything just fell into place with this one – gorgeous weather, wonderful scenery (including the wonderful corn field right next door to Gemma and Lewis’s house – not jealous at all…), lots of laughs and so much visible love between the two of them.

I vowed to write super meaningful and on-point blog posts since the beginning of this year but sometimes, it’s just nice to bask in the loveliness that was a perfect photo shoot and share some of my favourite images with you…so here we go 🙂

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