Abi & Kieran at Chateau Impney

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Growing up relatively close to Droitwich, I used to pass the Chateau Impney every now and again in the back of my Mum's car and I remember thinking what a Fairytale place it was. To a child (and let's face it to quite a lot of adults as well) it just screams Disney Princess Castle right? Well, Abi grew up with the same ideas and always knew this was the place she wanted to get married...

I absolutely adored how excited Abi and Kieran were about this venue in the run up to their wedding day. I visited with them before the wedding to have a walk around and talk about what we would do photographically on the day. They also had their pre-wedding shoot in the grounds of the Chateau (above image) - a lovely preview into what it would be like having their wedding photographs in the beautiful gardens. 

On the morning of the wedding I arrived at the Chateau to photograph Abi and her bridal party getting ready. From the beginning there was a subtle Disney theme evident - nothing too obvious but a lovely hint at what Abi had always dreamed for her wedding day - and when she put on her dress, WOW! If anyone could look like a real life fairytale princess, Abi nailed it! Her dress was absolutely perfect for her, beautifully flattering and just the right amount of glam :)

I can't complete this blog without mentioning Abi and Kieran's wedding cake...it was possibly the tallest cake I have EVER seen! Abi had even handmade little lights to sit inside the tiers so it lit up during the evening...ok so the remote control for the lights went AWOL meaning I didn't actually get to see this, but the thought was there and lights or no lights it was absolutely fantastic!!

There was a specific place the Abi and Kieran asked me to take them for a photograph during their couple shots in the grounds of the Chateau...which turned out to be slightly problematic. Turns out the bridge in question is no longer accessible due to safety reasons so we couldn't get on to it. I knew how much they had set their hearts on this shot though, so I set up the camera on a tripod and got the long exposure shot of the gushing water that we'd had in mind. I then took a shot of the bride and groom stood on the lawns next to the stream and went to work after the wedding day on Photoshop to piece the two together and get them the image they wanted. When life gives you lemons and all that... :D

And finally, Abi and Kieran's first dance. Think up lights, vibrant colours and dry ice! There are just no words for how incredible this set up was...so instead here's a photograph, followed by a few more shots of this stunning wedding. Thanks for having me a long for the ride guys - it was truly a magical day and I'm sure you will live happily ever after xx





Rachel & Russ at Pendrell Hall

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It's no secret that Pendrell Hall in Codsall Wood has a special place in my heart when it comes to wedding venues. It ticks absolutely every box and the staff make working a wedding day there an absolute pleasure. So when Rachel and Russ got in touch and I went to have a chat with them about their wedding, I was looking forward to the opportunity to work there again. When they told me their plans for the theme of their day, well - I may have just been the tiniest bit excited!

Rachel and Russ planned a Masquerade themed wedding day - think Phantom of the Opera, teals, purples, blacks and silvers, with a splash of peacock-themed decorations thrown in! So much for me to get stuck into with the camera on the morning of the wedding - they'd thought of everything and the venue looked amazing; from the little peacock feathers sat in the chair sashes to the personalised masks for all of their guests which were laid out on the wedding breakfast tables ready for the reception.

Pendrell Hall offered the perfect setting for all of this with its dark wood panelled rooms, soft LED lighting in the the evening and fairy lit outdoors to compliment their evening shots and the sparkler arch to complete the night.


It was absolutely one of the highlights of my wedding career and one I won't be forgetting in a hurry :)

Here are a few shots from the day... 



Georgie & Elliot at Wootton Park

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Wow - August! You certainly kept me on my toes, being by far the busiest month of my wedding photography career to date...but what an amazing collection of weddings I had the fortune to be a part of. Some new venues and some familiar ones too, including one of my all time favourites - Wootton Park.

Wootton Park is a family run venue in near Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire. It has been constantly developing since I visited for my first ever wedding there back in April 2015 and is now one of the most stunningly situated and lovingly managed wedding venues I've had the pleasure of working at.

I recently read an article by Wedding Venues listing a few of the venue's charms - here's the link if you fancy a look! http://www.weddingvenues.com/news/wootton-park-wedding-venue-32723


So, back to photographs! Georgie and Elliot were living and working as singers in India at the time of planning their wedding and so entrusted most of the preparations and bookings to Georgie's Mum, Amanda. She certainly didn't let them down and helped them to create the most wonderfully laid back, classy wedding day. Having not met the bride and groom until just two weeks before their big day in mid-August, I was wondering if we would 'click' enough in time to get the natural photographs that I aim for with all of my couples...I need'nt have worried! Such a lovely couple to be around - genuine, bubbly and so obviously in love - they made my job relatively easy!

A wonderful wedding to be part of - thank you guys for inviting me along for the ride! Here's some shots...


Hannah & Sam's Sunny Weymouth Wedding

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Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year - so many colours and things changing! With it comes the wedding fayre season, giving me the chance to meet and speak with lots of brides and grooms-to-be :) A lot of people often ask me how far I travel for wedding photography and the wedding I am about to share with you here shows that I am in no way restricted to my own county! I do in fact travel nationally for weddings (and abroad given the chance - anyone got a nice beach wedding they'd like to invite me to soon?!) and in mid August I packed the car up (complete with husband and beagle) and took off on a road trip to Weymouth.

Hannah and Sam's day was gorgeous from start to finish...their outdoor ceremony at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens was simply stunning - we could have been in the Caribbean given the weather and all of the beautiful and unusual flowers and plants. Their reception followed at the Riviera Hotel in Bowleaze Cove with an awesome American Chevy (which Sam's brother proved quite quickly that he could not drive!), a delicious hog roast, an open fire surrounded by hay bale seating, deckchairs on the top of the hill overlooking the beach and sparklers after dark! So much fun!!

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Bridal Preparation: Making the Most of your Photographs

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I've been growing my business slowly over the past five years, up to a point where I now photograph around 40 weddings each year. This means I get to meet a lot of brides! This also means I get asked a LOT of questions by said brides - and grooms I guess, but let's face it they mostly leave organisation to the ladies...sorry to all you pro-active grooms out there!

One theme of questions I seem to get asked quite often is about where the bride and groom should be getting ready for their wedding. Will their home be "photogenic enough", or should they book into a fancy hotel to make the photographs "prettier"? Will they have enough space? The list goes on...

When I initially started working as a wedding photographer I was always secretly quite relieved when couples told me they were getting ready in a hotel or at the wedding venue itself. I used to think it would make my job easier, having more space and a "photogenic" room. However as I have built in experience and of course confidence I've realised that, honestly, it doesn't matter! It's all about finding ways to make each space work to my advantage. I have learned not to merely shoot what I see, but to look for opportunities, angles, little pockets of light etc, to create images that everyone else in the room at the time doesn't see.



I'd like to talk about a wedding I shot towards the end of July to demonstrate this. Michelle and Joe (here they are above with their daughter Eva in the grounds of The Granary Hotel) got married on the 22nd July - they had a beautiful Catholic ceremony at Our Lady & All Saints Church in Stourbridge followed by a reception at The Granary Hotel in Kidderminster. I remember Michelle mentioning to me a few times ahead of the wedding that she was concerned there wouldn't be enough space at her home for the photography, or that it would be too messy or the light wouldn't work. I assured her we would work round things and it would all be absolutely fine.

In the end, even I underestimated how lovely it would be for all of them getting ready at Michelle's home. Michelle grew up in Scotland and so her family all travelled from there for the wedding. I could see how much it meant to her in the morning to have her parents and her bridesmaids getting ready with her at home. The mood was so relaxed and their daughter Eva was of course completely relaxed spending most of the morning watching Peppa Pig on TV!

I'm not afraid of moving things around to get the most out of the light in a room, as well as using little props taken from around the house - this really injects the couple's personality into their detail images...I can never do this in a hotel! I'm also always looking for ways to bring depth into my images, whether this be shooting through objects, using mirrors for reflections, or getting up higher for a more unusual angle. This really came into play as Michelle was putting the final touches to her prep as you'll see from the last couple of images below.

So basically, what I'm trying to say with this blog is don't be pressured into booking a fancy hotel or spending money you don't need to spend because you think it will make your photographs "better". The best images are those that mean a lot to you personally, those that make you relive the moments, those that you often missed in the excitement of the morning. Sure, I love the creative sunset shots just as much as anybody and I love creating them, but to a point, the couple expects those because they remember making them. Keeping it real, unimposing, relaxed - that's when those moments appear. And where are you ever going to feel more relaxed, more "you", than in your own home?